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Yoga with Ieva is the place where Ieva shares her knowledge, while practicing yoga for over 17 years, she gained and learned a lot from international teachers and Gurus. What better way is there to learn from her than practising together regularly?
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Best Yoga Teacher Ever

Ieva is a kind, gentle, sweet & devoted soul but at the same time an experienced, powerful, inspiring and authentic yogi living and teaching the ancient knowledge and wisdom.
Catherine C.
Catherine C.
Business Management

Amazing Classes

I enjoyed a week-long retreat in Morocco with Ieva's morning energetic and evening restorative classes - both yoga styles were a dream! Ieva combines high levels of positive energy with a peaceful aura of wisdom and spiritual groundingness far exceeding her years. Her classes are rejuvenating, fun, varied, well-presented and led with empathy.
Claire R.
Claire R.
VP, Relationship Management

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